About Us

Upon first entering the lifestyle, I, like any newbie, started to amass a toy collection.  Not considering my woodworking talent, I collected the  usual canes, floggers, etc.  I quickly discovered that wooden paddles offered by all of the vendors I had encountered were of simple design and mediocre quality with high prices.   I guess the rationale “oh I’m just hitting an ass with it” backed up their thinking.

I suddenly realized that I was capable of much more amazing designs to be offered to the community at affordable and reasonable prices.

Having the necessary knowledge and tools required to create this new idea I started work on the “Bad-Ass Designs” paddles and implements.

I started with the understanding that a two sided flat paddle is merely a flat paddle.  I decided to utilize both sides of the paddle.  By leaving one side flat and creating either a positive or negative relief on the other side.  In some cases, applying reliefs to both sides, which gives the result of having two paddles in one.   Amassing various types of woods I set my mind to have 50 unique paddles created, finished and ready to offer to the public at my first vending attempt.  These paddles were of larger stature, more designed for hardcore players,  heavy hitters and pain sluts, of which I consider myself a heavy player, and as luck would have it I own a pain slut.

The collection was well received by the community and many walked away as proud owners of a Bad-Ass paddle.  What I had overlooked, being an experienced Dominant, was the fact that this line was designed exclusively for the above-mentioned.  I had much feedback from many people asking me to create a smaller line of paddles while maintaining the same level of quality and uniqueness and strength.

I was committed to providing toys to all levels of players.  Using the  feedback given, I came up with a collection of smaller, lighter, yet equally durable and beautiful paddles.

At my next vending attempt both collections were very well received by the community.

I also realized that there were many other toys I was capable of creating that were unique in appearance, such as stocks and clamps.  This off-shoot collection has also been very well received by the community.

I assume most people like to own unique things, things they know that they are not going to see other people have at play parties.  This is what drives my creative thinking  when designing them.

Most designs that I come up with are one-of-a-kind.  Some have been created twice but out of different materials.  Most will never be produced more than three times.

The materials that I chose to work with are always clear, free of knots, grain appropriate and of different weight properties.

The species I chose include oak, cherry, fir, maple, mahogany, black walnut, cedar and Brazilian cherry to name a few.

Another situation I did not foresee happening was many people have asked for custom work.  I have done some select custom jobs but unfortunately like all other custom things in life, this does increase the cost substantially.

I will continue to create unique, durable, beautiful paddles and toys at reasonable prices to be offered to the community.  A community that has fostered, encouraged and accepted me.  Above of all else, I simply do this for the love of kinky woodcrafting and knowing my implements bring others enjoyment is the real reason I do this.

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