“I have complete confidence”

It’s been a long time since I have had a paddle in my toy bag, as they have a tendency to break across my butt. 🙂 But after seeing (and feeling) Bad-Ass Designs’ amazing paddles, I had to buy one for myself. I absolutely love it, as does everyone who gets a chance to use it on me.

I have a number of friends who own their own Bad-Ass Designs paddles and it is always a treat when one of those paddles comes out during a scene. Unlike most other wooden paddles, I have complete confidence that these will not break mid-scene. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

– PhoenixFox

“something for everyone”

i purchased a Bad Ass Paddle for my Sir as an anniversary gift for the One i serve. As a consumer, i, like everyone else, hope to get good value for money spent. As a female, i like things to be pleasing to the eye. As a pain slut i want a solidly built piece that can give maxiumum output for effort expended. Bad-Ass Designs delivered the goods in every way!

A reasonably priced, quality implement, available in a variety of designs and weights, i believe they have something for everyone!!!!! i plan to add the stocks to my Christmas wish list.

By the way, my Sir LOVED his gift!

– krista, joy through service

“virtually limitless possibilities”

I’m fairly new to virtually all aspects of BDSM. I’ve realized I do like pain, and so paddles have a certain draw for me. I was able to first experience Bad-Ass Design paddles at Forbidden 2011. They were absolutely fantastic! I tried several, and every one had a different feel, yet the same. They all hurt, and that’s what I liked… I love the hurt. 🙂 However, they all have different pressure points, designs, weight, etc… Very versatile!

As a bottom, I love the feel of them. And as a top, (a very girly ‘EVERYTHING MUST BE PRETTY’ top) I love the different designs, and the choices. I like that I can choose one that feels just ‘right’ in my hand. Also, the added bonus of a case to protect the paddle in my toy bag is fan-freakin’-tastic!

I also had the opportunity to try the stocks. They were wonderfully fun with virtually limitless possibilities..! A friend and I thought of putting a little marble, and making the person wearing the stocks stay balanced so the marble didn’t fall off, or even using the stocks as a serving tray. Human furniture anyone? It was VERY fun, sturdy, and quite comfortable.

– Scamper

“amazing and quality work”

My girl was a lucky first place winner at Forbidden’s Forest of Good and Evil Masquerade. Her prize was a gorgeous paddle with a lightning bolt design on it. The ironic part is I told her just as we walked past your site how much I really liked your paddles and would love to own one…..now I do. And she gets to enjoy it as well……eventually. 🙂 Thank you for making such amazing and quality work. I am looking forward to owning more of your products.

– Sir Dragon.

“my favourite of all now”

I have a number of your paddles in my tickle trunk now. Love them all! I would like to thank you for the recomendation on the “cheese grater” This is over the top and my favourite of all now. Mine and my partners happy hinies glow with the purchase of this paddle.

Btw the boot paddle looks great on the wall . No one would be the wiser what its devious fun intent is 😉

Thank you ! I look forward to seeing what you come up with next.

– Sir Azeal

“built with the utmost pride and skill”

My Lady and I now possess 2 of your wonderfully designed paddles, including a very eccentric “Lightning bolt” patterned paddle that is packed full of deep bruising fun and 3 different style of sensation to be experienced. Everything sold by Bad-Ass Designs is quality and it is very obvious that these “toys” are built with the utmost pride and skill. Anyone looking to buy a paddle would be foolish to overlook these pieces for the price the quality cannot be matched. Looking forward to owning more.

– Justkeepswimmin

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